Thursday, April 9, 2009

What it Takes

I submit to you--Music will survive till time's twilight hour, fulfilling dreams and fantasies, supplying a soundtrack to one's romance, regret or redemption. Only one who does not feel can deny the power of music.

But in a close second comes the power of the written word, so fluid and formless. It will burn it's essence into your psyche and never let itself be forgotten, much like music. One can't deny their bond, music and words.

So why not, then, continue on in that tradition by writing about music?

SO--Welcome one and all to The Rock Word, an online blog dedicated to the review of Rock (of all forms) albums, concerts, dvds, books, and whatever else might be out there. As selfish as it may be, picking what I, the writer, feel most fit to review, i also feel like i might be improving your life (or at least your taste in music) by introducing you, the reader, to something that you may not already be away of.

You need nothing to lose yourself in my words, just as you need nothing to lose yourself in your favourite song. You have what it takes--shall we?